3 Photography Instagram Accounts to follow right now

by - December 16, 2018

Sam Kolder

@Sam Kolder is a celebrity Instagram star who has around 1 million followers on Instagram.
The Filmmaker, editor and photographer was hired to be the head of video of Beautiful Destinations. 
He is a master in editing with 'Teal & Orange' Colour grading.He inspires lots of people to follow his way of editing videos.


Garrett King, “@shortstache” on Instagram. The name originates from a company he and a friend started after college, and while the company is no longer a part of King's life,.He has a different style of photography & editing styles.His visual are unique and tough to copy..

Alen Plander:

Photographer from Canada who has earned over 3 Lacks Instagram followers and more than 1.6 million views on YouTube for his photography from nature and his travels. He is the creative director of Palander Studios.His colour grading and style of photography attracts lots of followers.His photos are unique & having a different colour scheme.

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