Qissa Cafe

by - December 24, 2018

As mentioned in the earlier post,Fort Kochi is all about roaming around.Sometimes we feel like we are in another country as the ratio of foreigners than localities.After roaming around for along time we decided to sit & relax in a cafe & we entered qissa.

The word Qissa meaning is tale/ story in URDU.Does the cafe compliments the name ?

Qissa Cafe,A great place to relax and chill for hours.Atmosphere was relaxed The decor was great and arty.Each item is special and contributes to the atmosphere.Ambience is filled with good vibes,small surprises here and there.Some of the colourful seats has got these addles and typewriters in one corners.bottles tangled in lights lanterns in light and my favourite is the seating at the main lounge.The cafe also has a little outside courtyard for the smokers.The staff were so welcoming.

The menu was varied and European rather than Indian food.Also there are daily specials.We have ordered seasonal fruit platter & Lemon ice tea.Fruits were fresh & tasty.Sugar syrup and lemon served separately with lemon ice tea.It was refreshing.Also Black coffee made from a freshly ground mixture of coffee beans served in a beer mug with ice cubes.A brilliant way to give a staple menu item new life.

Very important thing is that the price is very reasonable unlike other coffee shop's.In Fort kochi all cafe's are opened and suppose to be served for foreigners.Always keep in mind that we locates visit such cafe for experience. Qissa will not increase your heart beats on pricing.

What i feel in this cafe is all about freshness.They know how to give an experience that just serving food .We will never feel down while sipping coffee here for long hours.This cafe become my regular place in fort Kochi.

Good job all round, Qissa. Definitely recommend.

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