Google Maps & Club Mahindra Resort.

by - December 28, 2018

The Google Map.

We all trust Google Map.Its easy & user friendly navigation application.It is extremely useful while travelling long distance.

The Incident in short 

 'Google Map' always shows the shortest route.How it made my journey an unforgettable experience.

Beautiful Munnar

Munnar is the most beautiful hill station in Kerala surrounded by tea gardens. Munnar has emerged as an all season destination also it is an  inexpensive destination. It is a virgin land unlike Ooty & kodaikanal. You will not find huge number of commercial shops in each and every nook & corner.Also Munnar is a wide area.We have to travel long distance from one place to another to enjoy the  calm and beautiful of this hill station. Munnar town is small & busy.Wide varieties of food are also available at affordable cos. Even though its an all season destination,officially the season starts from  August and  to March. Munnar also has a summer season in April to May when crowds come to the hill station to escape from the heat.

Amazing Club Mahindra Resort 

Lots of amazing resorts are in munnar & Club Mahindra is definitely one of the best.This resort is situated in a beautiful hill & in thick forest.It is exactly located in chinnakanal. It was an unforgettable experience.Ambience was calm,Rooms were good & service was warming.Club Mahindra Resort is 20 Kms from Munnar town.

The Route

The actual roue from Cochin to Club mahindra,chinnacanal is around 147 Kms i.e Cochin - Munnar - chinnakanal

Google Map perspective - Cochin -Admali - chinnakanal

The Adventure Trip. 

I decided to travel at night as i can experience the next full day on the hill station.Our motorcycle adventure starts from Cochin around 9.00 pm & Supposed to reach there by 1.00 am midnight. As usual i logged into google map and started riding.As per the map it shows 133 Kms & 4 Hours to reach there.Everything was fine until i reach adimali which is 30 kms away from Munnar. As per the map we have to take a turn from adimaly to reach the destination.

The real adventure starts there at midnight.We were riding through deep forest,mountains,near to waterfalls & some times there were no roads because Map shows walk ways through Cardamom estates.We were completely clueless and was afraid as most of the time we were alone as not even a single vehicle on the narrow roads.At any struggles we want to reach the destination as soon as possible. We were taking huge risk.After some time we found that there were people like us wandering there without any clue of road.At some places,exactly in the middle of forest cars were stopped because of mechanical issues & entire families standing in the road with months old babies at 2.00 am.

At last,we reached the resort at 2.30 am & We were extremely tired. 

The lesson from the adventure trip

The actual route  is Cochin-Munnar -Chinnakanal ie 147 Kms. 15 km more that the route shown Google Map route.Google always shows shortest routes.While booking hotel it is extremely important to call the resort and confirm about routes.Always take the safe routes not the short routes. 

We definitely enjoyed our Adventure trip.But what about the families we met......
Club Mahindra,Munnar
Club Mahindra,Munnar

Google Map

Club Mahindra,Munnar

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