Niyati Boutique Stay.

by - December 17, 2018

It is important to get away from our busy work life to stay positive.Travelling is the best thing one can do to keep your mind happy. I choose to visit fort kochi. as Fort Kochi was always attractive for traditional buildings,the streets & cafe's. My intention was to spend two nights at a heritage hotel without spending lots of money.

While identifying options,i found that redeeming credit card points to book hotel will be a good idea.It is as good as 'free'.Next thing was to search for a good heritage resort.While searching online I found the 'Niyati boutique home stay' is super attractive.

Also there are lots of benefits in staying as it is almost in the heart of Fort Kochi. Basically i want to roam around.Beaches & coffee shops were closer.I Spoke to the manger booked the room.I got a room called 'Lakshman Room'

Check-in was easy even though we were little late.Staffs were very friendly.The place just blow my mind.It underlines the concept of  boutique hotel  stay. Peaceful atmosphere.Wooden floors & extremely neat rooms.Room was well maintained and staying there was an experience.

One side of the room is constructed in glass & wash rooms were designed in wood and rustic cement finishes.Hot and cold water were available.Also enough plug points for charging smartphones and cameras.Tea & coffee were served.TV unit were available with all channels.

The entire Boutique has less than fifteen rooms.Each of them categorised as As’ad Suite,Ushriya Room,Felice Room,Ennis Room,Bahati Room,Veasna Room &  Lakshman Room.One of the interesting thing is the terrace area.which is maintained to sit calm also can cook food if needed.

The beautiful space of this Boutique is the open space like in the above picture.Especially during the rainy season it feels amazing. After all who don’t like open spaces.It was an experience. Fort Kochi is all about its heritage so if you are visiting,stay in a heritage hotel.Close to nature,close to traditions.That is all l we want as a traveller. For food you have to roam around the place as this resort dosent have a restaurant.You will find lots of restaurants & coffees shops across fort Cochin.Super attraction of fort Cochin is the beach. So just walk up at 5.30 AM & walk to the beach.This will be an unforgettable experience.Overall i was happy with the stay at Niyati boutique stay.

Notes :
Everything mentioned above are my personal experience.Please comment if you need any more information's. 

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