Amish People,Culture & Village

by - January 05, 2019

Do you know about Amish Community & Culture ?

The Amish Community is an American Protestant group descended from European Anabaptist's.Their forefathers came to Pennsylvania, USA in 1730's to escape from persecution in Europe.They are known for their 19th century way of living. They dont enjoy the powers of ruling.Amish living  is based on simplicity. Amish families are generally large. They use three languages, a German  at home & for worship and English with outsiders.


Amish strongly believe in Christianity. They are highly Spiritual & follow old testament. They have a long list of do's and don'ts. Baptised members are committed to church. They love nature and animals. So they grow vegetables in their own farm. Amish celebrate the same holy days as Christians.

Community Living.

Amish dont believe in Individualism & believe in community living.They help each other, and the entire community work together. The Amish keep themselves separate from the world, They differ from Americans in their dressing, language & so on.Each Amish district is fully independent. They have their own set of rules. They follow these rules strict & they dont have anyone as a leader.Also they dont accept any benefits from US state.Amish hates urban living & always live in rural locations.


The family is the heart of Amish community. Ina Amish community wife is subordinate to husband are subordinate to their husbands.Men are in charge of the spiritual life of the family and men's are responsible for their family sustainability .Women look after the children and take on light farm works.

The ideal Amish occupation is to be a farmer. The Amish growing vegetable both for food and for sale. They rely on the outside community for other requirements. They dont use tractors & Farm machinery is generally horse-drawn. Electricity and petrol/diesel power are used in barns for work purposes.They do business with their neighbours.


Amish community have their own schools & educated there. Schooling stops at the age of 14 after which they ensure that they learn practical skills for jobs.They basically use 'four Rs' of reading, writing, arithmetic and religion. A typical school has between 25 and 35 pupils, with only one room and one teacher to cover all ages. Teaching is in English. Teachers are younger women and will have any specialist degree unlike the normal schooling . Children will often do farm work before and after school. After the age of 16 children can experience outside life for a few years and can  decide whether they wish to become full members of the community.The fact is that more than 90% decided came back and baptised.


They dont want to follow modern technologies. They  dont use vehicles and use own horse-drawn buggies also they dont use  electricity,mobile phones,televisions or radios as they want to keep Amish unpolluted from advanced of today's media. They also banned computers with internet access, but they can use a computer at an outside workplace. They also they don't use cameras.


Amish dress is a traditional shows the  simplicity The entire community follow same dress code.Breach of this dress code may lead to banning from the community.Amish women wear dresses with long sleeves and a full skirt, a cape and an apron..Amish women don't use makeup.Men and boys wear dark trousers,   coats and  wear straw hats. They use plain cloths. Amish men grow beards only after the marriage and don't grow moustaches.


Amish only marry other Amish and don't divorce at any reasons.


Amish don't serve military and  they use guns only for hunting.They don't vote.
They avoid all violence,including angry words.Amish also settled  in 30 states as well as Canada. Ohio has the largest Amish population, followed by Pennsylvania and Indiana.Tourists can travel to their community places and experience their living.Also you can purchases farming products from there.

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