Burgeria is Now Westleys -Cochin

by - January 21, 2019

Westleys Resto cafe - Cochin (Formerly  Burgeria)

Where  ?
Mamangalam, Kochi, Kerala,India

Ambience is the best thing  about this cafe. Cafe had enough space.Felt relaxed.Good combination colours & nice music makes our day. Cafe cares about the hygiene.Sometimes good days can be offered by good coffee shops.

Food ?
Westleys Resto cafe became is one of the top cafe's in Cochin. What attracts me is that they use fresh and organic products. I ordered chicken burger, Chicken wings & Ice tea. I'm not basically a burger person but still like the burger. They served fresh food soft & cooked to perfection. Westleys serves best burgers in kochi. The ordered Chicken wings was little sweet & good.Ice tea offered was different.Here i had a mixed feeling.They have more 50 varieties of  coffee's.I really want to start trying one by one.I think they experiment a lot to serve good food.

Some items in the menu are costly like burger costs 180/- but you can find lots of good food in affordable bracket.

Service ?
Staff's were extremely  good & take care of our needs.There were never in a hurry .Maintained good customer relations.

If the question is this cafe is good ? the answer is yes.When you visit this cafe visit with your friends because coffee and friend makes the perfect blend.

* Cafe owners are the owners of the photos.(The pictures taken by me are still in my phone and unable transfer because of some technical reason .will update soon.)

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