Food Diet for the Lazy Me.

by - January 15, 2019

We all heard about various diet plans to reduce weight and belly stomach.We go to Gym,do Yoga &  zumba dance.We also try to follow different diets.The fact is that all the above are tough and extreme dedication is needed.We also loose interest because of 
stressful job or long working hours.

I considered myself lazy & found a diet which I can follow.This diet plan works for one my friend.This diet is based on Satvik Movement.This diet plan is based on giving more time for digestion.It will result in  reduced toxins in the body.

The diet plan is,

8.00 AM - Breakfast- Green Tea Without Sugar
2.00 PM - Lunch - You can have anything
4.00 PM - Green Tea Without Sugar
8.00 PM - Green Salads or Any Soup

Period - 14 Days

I am a Non Vegetarian and the good thing about this diet plan is we can have non veg for lunch and Non Veg Soup for Dinner.

This diet is basically avoiding sugar.Raw organic vegetables & fruits are suggested.For detailed versions 

I just started the diet plan.We will check the result after 14 days.

This article is not a recommendation.The opinion expressed in this article are based on different online articles, Satvik movement YouTube channel & references from my friends.Before starting this diet please check and educate yourself.Please Get expert advice.

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