KoCo Restaurant,Kottayam

by - January 07, 2019

KoCo Restaurant (Kottayam Company)

Kottayam is around 70 Kms from Cochin.First 100% literacy municipality in India also known as the land of Latex,Letters & Lakes. Kottayam is famous for the traditional foods & Who will forget taste of  food from toddy restaurants.

But Kottayam is not a fast growing city like Cochin. Even today there are only few  new generation restaurant or coffee shops in the town.The basis reason is that investors are still confused about the scope of  business.While travelling to kottayam i found a restaurant name KoCo. First i thought it is a small cafe but when  i entered the restaurant it is a good food joint. Location is oppeote to the famous CMS college kottayam. 

As quoted, Full Form of KoCo is 'Kottayam Company'.

"The idea behind this place born out of several conversation that happened over several meals by bunch of friends. Each person in  this bunch have spent a considerable amount of time romanticising about this town and its tastes and bringing all those tastes under one roof only seemed like a natural progression We are calling this place what our families called our bunch The Kottayam Company"

This is what exactly the new Generation of youngsters needed.People of kottayam have a great love towards the  place and its tastes but they are afraid of being a entrepreneur.

Coming to the KoCo,Interiors are beautiful and ambience is super fine. Restaurant and outdoor dining area which i believe is the heart of this place.They have a large menu & food tastes good.We have ordered Beef steak,BBQ fish and lemon tea.Everything was fine.After some time place became extremely crowded .This is simply the success of this food joint.More and more youngsters should me motivated  by the success of KoCo.

If you are visiting kottayam and KoCo is definitely worth visiting.In peak hours reserve your seats.Just Enjoy the ambience & food.

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