The Minimalist Me - Part One

by - January 01, 2019

What is Minimalism ?

Minimalism in our life means living with minimal things.Which actually means living exactly what you need.Nothing more nothing less.

If you check yourself you will finds lots of duplication in your home.Which starts from the pen you are using.How many pens your have ? Some of them will not be able to use.still you keep it.Like that there will be lots of things in your life.More than two mobile phones.lots of chargers,lots of headphones,Lots of watches,big wallet with unnecessary things inside. Unnecessary old bills,Lot of shoes,unused shorts,trousers and accessories,furniture's &  so on.

While watching closely you will find that you have spend lot of money on unnecessary things. In this blog i am going to tell you the ten benefits of being a minimalist.

08 Benefits of being a Minimalist.
  • Freedom - If you check closely you will find  how many things you owned  that actually  you don’t even need.Time you spend for that desire to own, your hard work to own that.Why you did that most of the times you tried to impress someone.Right 
  • Self-confidence-You believe that you need  the latest style of clothes,brand new accessories or latest luxury vehicle to feel good about yourself. But in reality you feel without these things. This is the benefit of living with less. Once you start implementing you will start feeling good about yourself, not because of what you own but because of who you are.
  • More Money-If you stop buying unnecessary things & start selling your extra good you will start enjoying financial freedom.You will have more money & less worries about future.
  • Reduced Stress Level-Now you dont have to take stress as you own only what actually you required.You will be happy and calm.As you know If you have a reduced stress level it is good for your health.A good health is the basis of a positive life.
  • Clarity-As you carry less you have a clear clarity on what you have and what you dont. This will help in living a better life.You will be mastering in decision making.Less struggles & more life.
  • Importance- Now you know what is important and not.You will give more time to the important things in life.You mind  give importance to necessary thing in life. Importance to life not to stuffs.
  • Time for Things that Matter Most- When you started being a minimalist you will you will find time for everything as you own the life and not the things owned you.
  • Value - Minimalist express himself what value more in his/her life.Uplifting the personality.
Minimalist have a great value in life.Lots of people are understanding the concept & focusing on life and experiences.

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