My Favourite Dessert’s - Part 2 - Kunafa

by - January 20, 2019


I visited a restaurant called 'Zaatar' at Cochin.While finishing the dinner the restaurant people came & asked do you like to have Kunafa ? I dont have any clue. Kunafa ?? I ordered only because of its name. But when i had this dessert becomes one of my all time favourite.I never had such a dessert.Its hot,It has sweet.

So what is Kunafa /Kanafeh ?

Kunafa is an traditional Arabic desert  basically a pastry made of noodles like semolina garnished with pistachios.It is layered with cheese and cream.Also sugar syrup is served. So that we can make it sweet on our requirements .Warm Kunafa is to be eaten.

Where You get this  ? -Zaatar Arabic Restaurant Cochin.

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