Buddhist Prayer wheels

by - January 06, 2019

Buddhist Prayer wheels,

We all know about Buddhism and the their practices of simple living.  

Buddhist devotes use hand-held prayer wheels not only during devotional activities but almost all the time. ie while walking or even at the time of having food.According to Buddhist belief, spinning the prayer wheel is an alternative of  praying.The prayer wheel  represents the Wheel of  Law set in motion by the Buddha.

Like in the above picture the prayer wheel is made out of repoussé metal. The wheel is supported on a handle. On the outside of the cylinder Sanskrit  scripts and Buddhist symbol will be mentioned  if needed script can be changed and add new scripts. The upper side of the prayer wheel will be like a lotus bed.

The cylinder contains a sacred text written on paper or animal skin. These texts sacred  mantras.the most important mantra of Buddhism is "Om mani padme hum" 

Buddhists followers are very religious and practising a peaceful life.Also they believe that prayers have significant importance in their life.

Also they they rotate prayer huge prayer wheels in the temple.

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