Plan Overseas Holiday Trips Professionally.

by - January 02, 2019

How to plan a Holiday Trip Professionally ?
When you decide to travel to an overseas holiday destination,Please remember the below points for better travel management.
  •  Choose Your destination- Choose destination based on how much time do you have,what       kind of experience you wish like adventure or to relax,Hill stations or  beaches,road trips or   organised tours,season based destinations,budget destinations or luxury & more importantly   whom you are travelling with.
  •  Book mode of travelling -Book your Flights  early as possible to get the benefit of  low           ticket  prices.
  •  Book Accommodation – Once you decided the destination and the mode of travelling is           decided book accommodation.This is extremely important as the price is         highly fluctuating.Seasonal and last minute booking will result in huge amount of money.
  • Experience Local Places – For experiencing local plan ahead which all  places you wants to     visit once you reach the destination.what all thing you want to do there like having a lunch    from a famous restaurant or enjoying street foods.
Always check Google, Instagram #hashtags,Travel websites like Lonely Planet,Trip Adviser,blogs,and official tourism websites to under stand local attractions also Search for Coffee shops,restaurants,local street foods & tourist attraction.

  • Passport & Visa – Basic documents for travelling abroad.If you dont have a passport apply   one.If you already have one check when it will expire.It is extremely important to understand   the visa requirements.So countries offer  visa on arrival and some required more time for   approval.
  •    Health Check up – Health check up is extremely important as you are travelling to different     countries or geographies. A bad health will ruin the entire experience.
  • Document copies – Take & carry copies of all important documents like passport,visa,flight   tickets,hotel reservations & so on. Also scan all these documents and save it in cloud   application like google drive,icloud,drop box etc so that you access it from any where.
  •   Travel Insurance – Travel insurance is important as in case you want to cancel trip in case of   emergency,in case of injuries,if you luggage is stolen,Unpleasant things in case of climatic   incidents.
  • Accessing Money-You need to money while travelling.Lots of things needs to be decided how  you carry currency cash,debit cards,credit cards or foreign currency cards.If you are carrying cash you needs to get better exchange rates so you should check the financial institutions for better conversion rates.Before travelling you need to intimate the bank as you have activate debit/credit card for overseas usage.All  get good travel credit cards for 0% Forex fee,lounge access etc to save money.
  •  Phone,Sim cards & Internet access – Find how to get sim card once you reach the country   also check  is there an affordable offer from your sim provider in your home country.You   want  to share you amazing trip via Instagram,Facebook,blogs and so on so internet access is   extremely important.
  •    Pack Up - You have pack your back well with required number of cloths and accessories
  •   Electronic Pack – Never forget Mobile Phone,camera’s,Tripod’s,phone chargers,memory cards  depending on your requirements.
Always remember that your safety is utmost important and get phone number of local police station hospital,hotel  numbers in case of emergency.

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