Tips for Solo Travellers in India

by - January 09, 2019

Are you a Solo traveller ? Are you travelling in India ?

If yes, then you take several precautions for you  personal safety.India is a large country with huge population.Unlike other countries India have different culture & speak different languages.South India is entirely different from  north India.In south India Kerala is different form Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Language,food.Geography,religious custom and so on. Transportation systems are not as efficient as other developed countries.So follow below tip for a safe travel.

Know the destination before booking the tickets.

Check websites,books, blogs before deciding the location.You should a a good idea about the pace.It will help you to save time as well as expense.Once you decide the all tickets and hotel in advance.And double check with them about the travel and accommodation. 

6.00 AM to 6.00 PM

If your are travelling to a new destination reach Destinations between 6.00 AM & 6.00 PM.It will help you to connect easily .It means it is easier to get vehicles.Waiting Odd times in bus stands & railway station is never a good idea.Also it may not have a good hygienic wash rooms.

Consciousness, Confidence & Common Sense

Be always conscious.Take care of your valuable items.Carry only what is actually required.Be confident like you know everything about the place.Your body language tell about you.While talking to strangers never disclose about your personal details.Also never forget to make good friends.Use your common sense.

Contact Numbers.

Before going to the place check any of your friends or relatives are staying in the location if yes take their contact number.Also get the phone numbers of police station & hospitals. This will help in case of emergencies.

Solo travelling is a different experience.It will give lots of lesson about life.You will be a better person after each and every solo trip.India is a beautiful country with amazing people.We cannot expect everyone should be good and kind enough.Our safety is our basic responsibility.Our carelessness cannot be blamed on  the goodwill of a country.Enjoy the trip.

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