Do You heard about 'ALMATY'

by - March 09, 2019

Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan.It is a cultural as well as commercial city.Almaty was the e capital of Kazakhstan till December 1997.Almaty is a mountain area.Twenty percent of  Kazakhstan's generated from this beautiful city.

Climate is hot in summers & Cold in winters.
Almaty has lots of tourist attractions like Parks,museum,Churches & Cathedrals,monuments, statues,beautiful buildings.

Food & Coffee.
Food in Kazakhstan is tasty and good.It serves all international specialities.There is a diverse culinary which  means you can have Indian,Georgian,& Korean food.If you like coffee dont forget to visit cafes's like 'DOM' 'PINCH' & 'URBAN COFFEE'

City is well connected and you can you either public transport or Taxi.

Currency in Kazakhstan :
Kazakhstani tenge - 1 INR = 5.4 KZT

Flights from India :
There are direct flights from Delhi and cost ranges above INR 15000

Language : 
Kazakh & Russian

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